Heated Winter Vest

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This vest was made specifically to restore your body’s vitality, relieve any muscle pain, and promote blood circulation while keeping your body warm and cozy. This high-end heated material enables quick smooth electric warmth without radiation.


  • nice design that looks and works well
  • made out of cotton 
  • 100% wash machine safe
  • up to 8 hours of heat
  •  can lead to muscles relief and promotes good blood circulation

Consumes excess fat
Increases blood oxygen 
Improves micro-circulation and eliminates inflammation
Great for riding, skiing, rock climbing, fishing
With a built-in USB port that can be connected to a power bank
Comfortable, smooth, and skin-friendly material
Promotes metabolism
No more bulky jackets from now on! Relieve the chilly feeling and say goodbye to shivers with Rechargeable Heat Vest. 
This vest can be used with any portable charger

Temperature Levels :

Red Light (flashes) - automatic heating
Red Light - manual heating, high temperature
White Light-medium temperature
Blue Light - low temperature 



  • This item does not include a power bank portable charger
  • Because of high buying activity, this product could take up to 15 business days to arrive, but it is well worth the wait